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TV Aerial, Antenna & Satellite Services & Repair

If you're suffering from poor TV reception, we can help. It's never a good idea to try to adjust or fix your own TV aerial, antennas and satellite dishes. Scaling heights is dangerous and requires safety equipment, skill, extensive training and experience. Accidents can be fatal and at the very least costly to your property. Don't take the risk - Ant's Antennas offer a free no obligation aerial/satellite inspection and advice service. All work is very competitively priced, guaranteed and carried out safely by an experienced, time served tradesman.

Take a look at our full range of Aerial & Satellite Services below:
Digital Aerials and Freeview Installation

We have a huge amount of experience within the Northwest and Wales. Most areas can receive a good amount of channels through the aerial. In many cases where aerials fails Freesat can provide a service the matches the Freeview equivalent. If you need advice on your particular location please telephone us on 07788588161 as we can often advise simply using your postcode.

Digital Satellite & Freeview Repairs

We offer a fast repair service and are often able to provide a same day visit. Ant will inspect and fault diagnose any problem being experienced, to include where necessary, correct alignment of your satellite dish, reconnecting loose cables, or reconfiguring your TV or satellite receiver. Ant will discuss any repairs where necessary and will provide a no obligation quotation for your consideration - there are never any hidden charges.

Reception Problems/Antenna Issues

If you have had your antenna setup for a few years and it has started giving you unreliable reception and you’re missing some of your favourite TV shows or getting frustrated watching sports, Ant is able to assess and diagnose any reception problems using specialised equipment and will provide you with a non obligation quotation to put the problem right. He may even be able to fix the problem for you on that very same day, which means you’ll be enjoying your favourite shows again in no time at all.

Independent Sky Installations

Yes the ones the Sky engineers refuse to do. Need the dish on the chimney, on a pole in the garden, difficult internal wiring issues? all these things can lead to Sky engineers refusing to carry out the installation. In a lot of cases the installation could be carried out safely and with great results. The conditions the Sky engineers work under restrict them from completing many jobs. As independent engineers Ant's Antennas can complete many of these jobs.

Motorised and Foreign Satellite Systems

The latest systems can pick up thousands of channels form many Satellites including Sky, Hotbird, Astra 19 and many other European and Asian Motorized and foreign Satellite Systems. Get the football and sports at cut cost. get a full range of channels from all across Europe. This new product is best explained in person please call Ant for further information as this one is not to be missed.

Aerial and Satellite Dish Removal

When they are no longer in use, antennas and satellite dishes are nothing but an unsightly hindrance. Likewise, old aerials over time corrode, become loose and can damage your roof and property. Ant can remove your old aerial and/or satellite dish from your home/workplace safely and efficiently without damage or mess.